I thought it was for people in metropolitan areas with postage stamp-sized yards. The model that STIHL have sent me is a rechargeable electric cordless model the STIHL FSA 45. Contact Ellis Email the seller; Favourite Report Report. *Prices are valid from the 01/12/2020 to 26/02/2021.STIHL stores are operated as independent businesses. Attach the Vac-Kit and the integrated turbo wheel shreds dry leaves to 1/12 their original volume, while the catcher bag serves as an effective dust filter. Visit this website www.sti hl.co.uk. Filter (1) Sort by. The surprisingly small but powerful 27.2 cc engine will fire up, with the inbuilt electronic ignition ensuring the motor stays powered as long as you need. Noise is rated as 83dB, but the strimmer didn’t sound loud in use. There’s no variable speed – the motor is flat-out all the time, but then this is generally all you need. Stihl FSA 57. STIHL Hedge Trimmers ensure every job is cut to perfection. It is neither that powerful and … 01384 482 789 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Saturday. It has bucketloads of power, all while using little battery. Rated: Good, Better or Best; Hand Lawnmowers; Cordless Battery … Since 2016 I’ve been using the battery operated 18V Trueshopping ET2505, which has done the job but the whole plot has to be cut over the course of three allotment trips. The Stihl HSA 56 is a compact and cordless Hedge Trimmer, it is a ‘Gardener’s World Best Buy’ for 2018 and a popular choice from the Stihl gardening tool range.Quiet, emission-free with minimal running costs, the Stihl cordless range of gardening tools give you the freedom to work cable-free making them the ideal choice for contractors and homeowners working in urban areas. Stihl FS 38 trimmer review It starts easily and runs dependably. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. Test score % Reviewed Oct 2020. A Cornishman, he has an OND in Agriculture and was a farm manager f…. Order online now for free delivery on orders over £50. Ryobi RLT6130: The best budget petrol trimmer. A pre-wound spool is available as an extra accessory, but you’d still have the problem of fitting it into position. You’ll have to read our review to find out how easy it is to use though, and how neatly it can cut your conifer, deciduous and evergreen hedges. My shears are looking at retirement brochures. Verdict. The range includes domestic and professional Brushcutters and Strimmers. Best Petrol Strimmers; Electric Lawn Mowers; Garden Shredders & Chippers; Leaf blowers & vacuums. To advance the string you need to stop the machine and pull string out by hand. The cutting head guard slides over the other end of the drive tube and is secured in place with another nut and bolt, again using the Torx key. Neptune Electric 2 in 1 Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter 1200W, 7500 RPM, 380mm Cutting Width 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. 2.3. www.sti hl.co.uk. I am now a proud cordless trimmer user. This is illegal/fraudulent; This ad is spam; This ad is a duplicate; This ad is in the wrong category; The ad goes against posting rules; Cancel. Stihl FSE 52 Strimmer The Stihl FSE 52 Strimmer is light, quiet and powerful. The motor is up by your right hand, not down by the cutting head, and this means you can strim damp or dewy grass without any risk of moisture getting into the motor and damaging it. Furthermore, you get all the benefits over corded, mains-electric machines, as the HSA 45 can be used anywhere, without restrictions. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information. Stihl HSA 45 trimmer review conclusion. (He got the car working again.) The cost? thinning between bushes and shrubs. The adjustable second handle had a slight down side: if you want to adjust it while working then you have to stop the machine and use a Torx key (supplied in the box. There’s a substantial and robust guard, and an attachment point for a sling. I’m used to working with such machines but even I found this manoeuvre tricky. The STIHL RE120 Pressure-Washer operates at up to 125bar and produces a substantial maximimum water flow-rate of 500l/h.nnEquipped with a high-powered 2100w electric motor, this model will clean large areas fast and is capable the toughest dirt and grime around the house and garden.nnThe maximum water-supply temperature is 40°C; and, as with all Compact Class units, the STIHL RE120 is … If you work it too hard then the motor will cut out, and you then have to wait three minutes for it to cool down before you can start it up again. STIHL reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Stihl FSE 60 Electric Grass Trimmer review: A plug-in strimmer with a great deal of power, but you have to cope with the cable and fiddly cord changing. Despite its light weight the SHE 71 blower unit operates powerfully but quietly. This is how we make money. Unfortunately that's the best I can say for it. DIY and Professional Tools . The head is fixed, so the Stihl FSE 60 has to be turned upside down for edging and held sideways for some trimming jobs. That it was for people that didn’t understand engines. The Stihl FSE 60 cut a square metre of lawn grass in 10 seconds, so it works pretty fast. It also has a device on the rear of the motor called a cable-strain relief – over which you hook the power cable to prevent any strain in the area where the power cable enters the motor. £8.00 Images; Map; Kintore, Aberdeenshire. For more heavy duty work then rather than the Stihl strimmers, the Stihl FS56 C-E Stihl brushcutters and the FS 56R C-E Stihl brushcutters are more suited. Most-recently reviewed. Test score % Reviewed May 2020. Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer Review. Stihl grass trimmers, brush cutters and clearing saws quickly tame long grass and undergrowth. You touch a button, and a pump delivers fuel directly to the carburettor. Stihl’s ‘extremely powerful’ HSE 71 corded electric hedge trimmer could be a great option for those with denser hedges, due to its powerful motor and long double-sided blade. Cordless electric General purpose. Read on for the full lowdown on this Stihl hedge trimmer. Also, if you have to strim round shrubs or trees planted close together, the electric cable is likely to become a nuisance because it will wind round plants and get caught up. 6. This makes for a time-efficient trimming while achieving long battery life. It has a Tap’n’go thread-type trimmer head, an adjustable loop handle, a flexible drive shaft and cable-strain relief. The bump string head is the most useless of any I owned over the years. There’s an optional depth wheel for giving the correct ground clearance when edging. The Stihl FSE 60 has a useful thermal overload. This new repair would cost more than a new blower/vac! STIHL HS45 is an ideal example of a great petrol hedge trimmer. Stihl FSA 45 Review A low-priced, high-performance cordless grass strimmer . Electric lawn edgers, compared to the manual versions can make light work of this task. With a modern design with improved features. Last Updated on 22 Apr, 2020. If you want to work along a bank then simply turn it on its side, but if you need to cut the top of a hedge, for example, then you’d have to climb up there and use the machine as if you were at ground level. Putting this nut in is awkward because you have to push it against a spring while screwing it in place. £81.90 £68.25. Stihl Strimmers & brush cutters, ideal for clearing long grass, weeds & brush. The Stihl FSE 60 is a powerful machine, and coped easily with grass, weeds, young brambles and nettles. The Stihl FSE 60 Electric Grass Trimmer is a powerful electric strimmer that does away with the worry of batteries cutting out half-way through a job – as long as you can deal with the cable. But, the cable gets in the way and the strimmer cord is fiddly to replace. What’s not to love? Kintore, Aberdeenshire. For domestic use the ideal Stihl Strimmers include the FS38 and FS40 Stihl strimmers and FS50 C-E Stihl strimmers. Then you insert the two free ends through the holes in the eyelets on the cutting head before re-inserting the spool into the head. Please Allow 4-6 Days for Delivery. Essentially does not work. The Stihl FSE 60 is long enough that you can poke it into fairly inaccessible areas of the garden to cut them, but for really tight manoeuvring it’s simply too big. Battery Type: Lithium-ion. The Stihl FSE 60 has a curved-tube design with the motor at the opposite end to the cutting head, so it’s like a petrol-driven strimmer in that respect. Petrol Leaf Blowers; Cordless Leaf Blowers; Garden Vacuums; Blog; STIHL HS45 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review. Stihl describe the HSE81 electric hedge trimmer as a top-of-the-range model aimed at professionals. Ryobi OLT1832-Best Grass Strimmer. Stihl FSE52 500w Electric Grass Trimmer Light, quiet and powerful electric grass trimmer in a modern and functional design with improved features (wire spacer bracket) and new AutoCut 2-2 mowing head. To assemble the Stihl FSE 60, you pull the protective cap off the drive tube, and push the drive tube into the motor housing as far as the mark on the tube. Black + Decker GL7033GB Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer, 700 W, 33 cm. I spent a fortune on a 6 month old Stihl electric Blower and Vac to have it repaired as according to Stihl the warranty wasn’t valid as it was user misuse! Here’s my STIHL strimmer review to help you decide if a battery-powered cordless strimmer is for you! - over 50% of the original purchase price 6 months earlier! Of course, the strimmer cord wore down faster when the machine was made to work this hard on tough and fibrous weeds. It’s fairly quiet, too, so would be good for a residential area. ... STIHL FSE 52 Electric 500w Grass Trimmer Loop Handle . Large 30cm Cutting Width; New Auto Cut 2-2 Mowing Head; Light Weight - Only 2.3kg; Rating: 93%. It’s ideal for lawn edges, path borders and any difficult-to-reach areas. View Cart Checkout. The design means that there’s no danger of damp grass getting into the motor and damaging it as you work. Next, remove the entire cutting head and take out the spool. Menu Search. So no more lugging a cord and extension lead around your garden. Filter (1) Sort by. This FSE52 loop handle grass trimmer is ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. The design means the Stihl FSE 60 is comfortable to use and can cut damp grass with no risk of damaging the motor. With a cordless and lightweight design the Stihl FSA 45 grass trimmer comes with everything you need to start working. The next range of stihl cordless strimmer comes with a removable battery and charger which is the fsa 56 range, which is ideal for those domestic guys with that larger garden and the capability of using the battery in other machines. My 5ft 4in girlfriend found it as easy and well balanced to use as I did at 6ft 5in. After using it twice to collect leaves following the repair, it failed again! You reattach the cutting head on to the drive shaft, and then the real challenge begins: there are arrows on the spool and the cutting head that have to be lined up before the securing nut can be inserted. Stihl quality at a pocket-friendly price point. Read the full review to see if it lived up to Stihl… You start by unscrewing a large plastic nut. There’s a lot of adjustment on the looped second handle to suit users of varying heights. I was wrong about cordless outdoor power equipment (OPE). Verdict. Electric Grass Trimmers from STIHL are perfect for trimming small areas around the house and tidying lawn edges with ease. For context to this review, on my allotment I’m responsible for keeping the grass paths around the outside in check, plus some grassy patches I’ve chosen to keep on the allotment itself, such as my wildlife meadow and mini orchard. Bend the cords back against themselves to form hooks and wind them on. The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Mountfield Multi tool 5-⁠in-⁠1 MM2603. Furthermore the whisper-quiet motors are ideal for noise-sensitive areas. A plug-in strimmer with a great deal of power, Ever since he took the family car apart aged 11, Ian has been fascinated by every type of machinery. Account. The Stihl FSE 60 is a strong electric brush cutter suitable for tough trimming jobs. Also, since the weight isn’t in the cutting head, the machine feels nicely balanced and is easy to use for extended periods. Cutting Width: 25 – … Finally, the cutting head is attached to the drive shaft and secured with a large black plastic nut, which you tighten by hand. Fortunately, the Stihl FS38 strimmer is much easier to start than other petrol models. It would suit an open garden that needs heavy work, and is a tough strimmer that can keep going for more than the half an hour most cordless machines can manage. Petrol Heavy duty. I was wrong. Furthermore the whisper-quiet motors are ideal for noise-sensitive areas. Shop our range of electric, petrol and cordless brushcutters, and grass trimmers from top brands at Mower Magic. Changing the strimmer cord is fiddly. The products described in this website may not be on display or available at each STIHL store. Most-recently reviewed. David Ludlow Contact via Twitter | September 27, 2019 8:11 am BST. The electric cable is only 10 metres long, so if your garden is average to large then you’re likely to need an extension cable. The 18v integrated 18v lithium-ion battery has a run time of 20 minutes and can be easily recharged by the supplied cable. I couldn’t have been more wrong about all of it. For this Stihl petrol hedge trimmer review, the HS45 is equipped with a 24-inch blade. Simplistic to start, press the button once to prime the fuel pump and then pull on the starter cord. This is because it’s easy to accidentally damage or strim over an electric cable, and while you can occasionally get away with this, there will inevitably be a day when you don’t. email Contact Us. 8 Reviews by. Debris isn’t going to fly in there whilst you’re cutting, either. View as Grid List. £64.26 Buy now. 5 175,00 ₹ Makita Electric Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter: UR3501 2.9 out of 5 stars 6. Thank you. This STIHL electric blower is a valuable tool for tidying leaves, grass cuttings and pine needles. Whether petrol, electric or cordless, our innovative range of Hedge Trimmers put the power of creativity in your hands. Electric Grass Trimmers from STIHL are perfect for trimming small areas around the house and tidying lawn edges with ease. Price: £70 | … Next, the loop handle is clipped over the drive tube and secured with a nut and bolt using the Torx key supplied. Secure it with a screw in the motor housing. Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Grass Trimmer Review Richard & Jackie Stevenson | May 7, 2019 5:35 pm BST. It’s also advisable – as is the case with any corded strimmer – to buy a circuit-breaker and plug it in to your electrical socket before attaching the plug of the Stihl FSE 60. There are two options of double-sided reciprocating blade: 24-inch and 18-inch. Perfect for all garden trimming and thinning jobs with a distance holder to protect bark and plants from the nylon cutting line. Ellis View Profile. We have reviewed cordless battery, corded electric and petrol trimmers, and tell you which are perfect for trimming lawn edges and which will cut long grass and weeds. Design-wise the FSE 60 is like a petrol-driven strimmer, then, but it’s easier to hold and powered by electricity. I used to think it was a gimmick. STIHL Cordless Grass Trimmer Battery. Stihl Reviews 22 • Poor . A powerful corded strimmer for the money, with the same design as a petrol-driven machine – and many of their advantages, too. We’ve been busy testing strimmers (string trimmers) and consider the Husqvarna 115iL as th e best garden strimmer of 2020 for sale. Pencil-sized brambles were no problem at all. A compact and lightweight petrol strimmer from Stihl, the FS 55 R has a modern design that offers excellent balance and complete control. In terms of overall performance the 18-inch blade cuts with better control but with the 24-inch blade you can cut more in one go and reach things that are harder to get at. Perfect for all garden trimming and thinni . Send report. The bent-tube design means the cutting head isn’t adjustable, so although the makers describe it as ideal for hard-to-reach places, I feel the FSE 60 is more of a heavy-duty, large area strimmer than something you’d use for going round fiddly and confined gardens. Cut two 3-metre lengths of strimmer cord, and insert the ends of each cord in the spool. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for STIHL FS40 STRIMMER BRUSHCUTTER GRASS TRIMMER LIGHTWEIGHT STHIL at Amazon.com. The Stihl FSE 60 is easy to use and surprisingly powerful, chewing up thick vegetation with ease. The Stihl FSE 60 weighs in at 3.9kg, but the excellent balance means that it doesn’t feel that heavy at all. However, unlike similar-sized petrol-driven strimmers, it feels well balanced and is therefore comfortable in hand. Site Map; Contact Us; About Us; Reviews; Call us now on: 01522 690005 . Displaying 12 Stihl grass trimmers & strimmer reviews. 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